30 September 2023: “ROSSIGNOLS AMOUREUX” – City center Neumarkt, Kulturnacht Neumarkt 2023

7 October 2023: “DER FLIEGENDER HOLLÄNDER IN GROSSENSEEBACH” – Mehrzweckhalle Großenseebach

26/27 October + 2/3 November 2023: “SAX ON THE BEACH” – Australian Bar & Kitchen (Down Under Club) – Nuremberg

23/24/25/30 November + 1/2 December 2023: “WASH HOUSE ADVENTURE 2023” (Wagner) – Self service laudromat Nuremberg

+++ more show dates are coming! +++


“Sax on the Beach” at the Australian Bar

At Nuremberg’s Australian Bar, down under behind the Hauptmarkt, the Pocket Opera Company plays their very own Australian Ope(ra)n as an upgrade to the Silvestival production “Coup de Coeur”: a male and a femaile singer compete in the midst of a virtuoso sax Doubly for the best serve, the most breathtaking arias smash in a colorful volley. The decision has to be made in the tie-breaker: sweet victory or bitter heartache? Balls of arias from Carmen, Fledermaus, Vampyr, Walküre, Traviata, Turandot, Tosca and much more fly from singer to singer at an unimagined speed, until in the end both of them no longer know whether to choose a role or whether it’s a kangaroo or a crocodile.

“Sax on the Beach” is a seductive opera cocktail, not only for the eyes and ears, but also for the palate. Each guest gets their very own exotic drink. Intoxicated, one dives into the melodic depths and dizzying heights of the opera world, past beguiling musical riffs and sunny sax beaches, until hearing and seeing is lost.

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab (soprano), Robert Eller (baritone)

Ensemble: Heymo Hirschmann (soprano sax), Sandra Engel (alto sax), Stefan Frank (tenor sax), Dominik Landmann (baritone sax)

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Mise en Scène: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Costumes: Evelyn Straulino
Make-Up: Heidi Ulsamer
Technician: Stelian Pop

Show Dates:

23 March, 8pm – premiere
24 March, 8pm (SOLD OUT)
30 March, 8pm (SOLD OUT)
31 March, 8pm (SOLD OUT)

Venue: Australian Bar & Kitchen (Down Under Club), Obstmarkt 26, 90403 Nuremberg
Estimated Run Time: 1 hour
Ticket price (cocktail included): 25/20€ (reduced) – Reduced ticket price is valid for students and guests with disability. Nürnberg Pass holders receive a 50% discount.

Ticket reservations: info@pocket-opera.de, 0911/329047, WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram (01575/7637018), Threema (3E2HY4KV). Tickets can be purchased at the Kulturinformation Nürnberg, either at the ticket office (Königsstraße 93, Nürnberg) or online.

“Fantasma Fatale” at the Frühlingsfest spring fair!

The POC returns to the Nuremberg Frühlingsfest spring fair! In 2014 and 2019, our spectacular Freischütz adaptation “Shooting Stars” caused breathtaking amazement and unanimous enthusiasm at the Volksfestplatz in front of grandiose real backdrops. An (un)dead sax armada with bone drummers ghostly wanders between rides, shooting galleries and cotton candy and celebrates a spring-like Día de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead – to the hypnotic-animating sounds of Maurice Ravel’s famous Spanish bolero. La inmortalidad es inminente: Immortality is near!

Die 12 Saxofonisten & Slawomir Mscisz (percussion)
Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer

Show date: 13 April 2023, from 7-9pm every 30 minutes

Approx. runtime: 15 minutes.

Venue: Frühlingsfest spring fair, Volksfestplatz Nuremberg. The exact location will be announced in the days before here and on our social media channels!

Free admission!


10 years of “Wash House Adventure”: A special anniversary is coming up 2023!

In 2022, after a two-year pandemic break, we were finally able to perform the “Flying Dutchman” in the laundromat again and perform “Wash House Galaxy”. The rush of visitors was huge as ever, 5 out of 6 performances were sold out! And now we can celebrate the big anniversary : 10 years of “Wash House Adventure” in the laundromat. The incredible success story of this pocket-sized Wagner opera is now reaching its final climax: Wagner’s cursed sailor is driven out to sea one last time on his fateful search for redeeming love! Be part of the grand finale!

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-SchwabRobert EllerMotettenchor Nürnberg
Orchestra: Heymo Hirschmann, Sandra Engel, Stefan Frank, Dominik Landmann

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Directors: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart
Costumes: Kristopher Kempf
Technician: Stelian Pop

Thursday 23 Nov 2023, 8pm
Friday 24 Nov 2023, 8pm
Saturday 25 Nov 2023, 8pm
Thursday 30 Nov 2023, 8pm
Friday 1 Dec 2023, 8pm
Saturday 2 Dec 2023, 8pm

Venue: Laundromat “Schnell & Sauber”; Schweppermannstraße 27 / corner of Pilotystraße, 90408 Nuremberg
Public transport: U3 Kaulbachplatz
Approx. length: 1 hour
Admission: 12,00 Euro; 10,00 Euro (reduced price)

Info & ticket reservations: 0911 / 329047, e-mail: info@pocket-opera.de, text message via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal (01575/7637018) or Threema (3E2HY4KV)

We would like to express our gratitute to the Meyer family, owners of the laundromat.

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