24 & 25 September 2022: “Siegfritz Idyll” (Wagner/Grieg) – Nibelungenviertel Nürnberg (Open Air)

8 October: “Der fliegende Holländer” (Wagner) – Großenseebach

27/28/29 October + 3/4/5 November 2022: “Wash House Galaxy” (Wagner) – laundromat “Schnell & Sauber” Nuremberg

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“Zwischen Sehnsucht und Mitternacht” at the Königsbad Forchheim

The blind philosophizing street musician L.T. Hardin, aka Moondog, became a New York landmark between 1943 and 1971. There was no sightseeing tour through Manhattan that didn’t lead past his place of work, the corner of Sixth Avenue and 54th Street opposite the Hilton Hotel: monk’s habit, Viking helmet and spear were an expression of his enthusiasm for the Nordic mythical world of Europe. So he beat his drum, sang his songs and sold his poems. Highly respected by numerous artists, Moondog soon became an institution on the Manhattan streetscape.

Reason enough for the Pocket Opera Company to approach this ingenious border crosser between serious and light music. In “Between Longing and Midnight” we experience yet another fictional New York cult figure: “Fan Man”, a hero of the beatnik generation who emerged from the novel of the same name by W. Kotzwinkle and has the obsessive urge to communicate. The longing for the eternally feminine that cannot be reached leads these role models of all hippies into a roller coaster ride of emotions and inspires their artistic actions and thinking. A musical theater trip into the world of the fantastic that slumbers in each of us. After many years, this cult production of the POC can finally be experienced again!

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab, Robert Eller, Frank Strobelt

Die 12 Saxophonisten & Axel Dinkelmeyer, percussion

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Director: Peter Beat Wyrsch
Costumes: Evelyn Straulino

Date: 26 June 2022, 7pm

Venue: SommerKulturQuartier at the Königsbad Forchheim, Käsröthe 4, 91301 Forchheim
Approx. Length: 2 hrs
Tickets: 17 Euro (normal), 15 Euro (reduced price) – Reduced price is for students and persons with disabilities. Children under the age of 10 have free admission when accompanied by at least one parent.
Online ticket sale via Eventim (click here).

Organizer: Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Kultur in Forchheim e.V. / KulturSommerQuartier Forchheim


Dakh Daughters – Ukraine


In 2017 and 2018, the Pocket Opera Company staged the opera production „Tannhäuser Projekt“ in Nuremberg, featuring the Ukrainian band Dakh Daughters.
During this time, we got to know all of the artists both as exceptional musicians and personalities that love their home country, the Ukraine.
In these troubled times our thoughts are with all the people living there.

We wish and hope that people of Ukraine can live in peace, freedom and independence.

Call for donations for the people of Ukraine!

Dear friends of the Pocket Opera Company!

In order to alleviate the suffering of the civilian population in Ukraine and to provide immediate and rapid assistance, we call for you to consider making a financial donation to an aid organization of your choice, which can be used to provide food, shelter, medicine, etc. Thank you!


“L’ombra dell’amore – Orfeo ed Euridice” bei den Internationalen Gluck Festspielen

In 2019, the Pocket Opera Company presented Christoph Willibald Gluck’s probably best-known and most popular work “Orfeo ed Euridice” (1762) as an exciting operatic hike in the great outdoors. The musical qualities of this stroke of genius are undisputed and timeless. But is there still anything new to discover in this ancient drama of the soul from Greek mythology, which accompanies Orpheus, the unique singer and “King of Lyre”, in the search for his deceased Eurydice in the underworld? Of course! A dangerous shadow wanders in the undergrowth of the Berchinger forest, just waiting for the moment to sound out the lovers – a shadow whose roots go back to the time the work was written.

For “L’ombra dell’amore” not only all Orpheus versions created by Gluck himself were taken into account, but also Gluck’s different European places of activity and his associated position as a veritable European in a musical-dramatic synthesis by integrating a total of four languages distilled.
The production is organized by Freundeskreis Christoph Willibald Gluck as part of the International Gluck Festival.

Cast: Florian NeubauerAnna OswaldGertrud Demmler-Schwab, Marc Vogel

Orchestera: Heymo Hirschmann (clarinet, sax), David Stützel (musical saw), Michel Watzinger (hammered dulcimer), Irene Urbach (accordion)

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Directors: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Costumes: Daniel Kroh
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart
Make-Up Artist: Sieglinde Feck

30. Juli 2022, 16-20 Uhr
31. Juli 2022, 11-15 Uhr

Spielorte: Berching und Umgebung, OpenAir (Treffpunkt: Gluck-Museum, Johannesbrücke 2, Berching)
Bitte an entsprechende Kleidung für die Wanderung denken!
Ticket-Verkauf über OK Tickets (hier klicken).


“Wash House Galaxy” – Flying Dutchman will finally be back in the laundromat!

“The time is up”, the third time it will work! After what felt like an eon of unwanted Wash House withdrawal, the Flying Dutchman is ready to set sail again to finally escape his unfortunate curse. He sets out to stir a flood of people and washing drums, tossing them into Wagner’s emotional cosmos and teleporting them to the spacey spiral galaxy at the other end of the universe: The discovery of the WASH HOUSE GALAXY is imminent! Meanwhile, it has practically become a “Nuremberg cultural heritage” and has been cheered by over 5000 enthusiastic visitors over the years since 2012, the legendary “laundromat Dutchman” from the Pocket Opera Company is finally entering the next round and leaving the dark storms of the recent past behind. Richard Wagner’s early romantic work about the cursed ship’s captain and the captain’s dreamy daughter Senta has never been seen before: compact, focused, iconic – in a unique real-life ambience, right in the middle of the action. Anyone who has missed the grandiose music theater spectacle in a real laundromat in the north of Nuremberg should take the chance now, before the Dutchman disappears forever in the fog of damnation and all hope is lost.

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-SchwabRobert EllerMotettenchor Nürnberg
Orchestra: Heymo Hirschmann, Sandra Engel, Stefan Frank, Dominik Landmann

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Directors: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart
Costumes: Kristopher Kempf
Technicians: Stelian Pop, Max Mönch

Thursday 27 Oct 2022, 8pm
Friday 28 Oct 2022, 8pm
Saturday 29 Oct 2022, 8pm
Thursday 3 Nov 2022, 8pm
Friday 4 Nov 2022, 8pm
Saturday 5 Nov 2022, 8pm

Venue: Laundromat “Schnell & Sauber”; Schweppermannstraße 27 / corner of Pilotystraße, 90408 Nuremberg
Public transport: U3 Kaulbachplatz
Approx. length: 1 hour
Admission: 12,00 Euro; 10,00 Euro (reduced price)

Info & ticket reservations: 0911 / 329047, e-mail: info@pocket-opera.de, text message via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal (01575/7637018) or Threema (3E2HY4KV)

We would like to express our gratitute to the Meyer family, owners of the laundromat.


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We are mourning our legendary diva and honorary president Elizabeth Kingdon-Grünwald

It is with a heavy heart that we need to announce the passing of our legendary prima donna and honorary president Elizabeth Kingdon-Grünwald days before her 93rd birthday. Her numerous memorable POC performances as a tongue-in-cheek diva will never be forgotten. For this reason we have decided to keep the complete video recording of her last public opera appearance “My Fair Verdi” on YouTube and also make our New Year’s Eve special (“POC Silvester Special 2020”) available again that includes the shortfilm “POC 40” in which she starred. We will all miss her very dearly. Farewell, Eliza, mach’s gut!

Obituary by Joseph Dalton for the Times Union


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We’ve moved: The POC now resides in Nuremberg’s Nibelungen quarter!

After over 10 years on Nuremberg’s Rollnerstraße we have moved our office to the beautiful Nibelungen quarter in the southern part of the city and we’re already feeling very much at home. You can now find us at Wodanstraße 73 (right across the Kriemhildes Backwut bakery), our phone number 0049 911 329047 remains the same just as our website and eMail address.