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26/27/28 November + 3/4/5 December 2020, laundromat SB-Waschcenter Nuremberg: “Wash House Galaxy” – R. Wagner (revival)

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The POC is back on stage: “Coup de Coeur” at the Spinnalto Festival Kulmbach on September 12!

Foto: Matthias Merz

Wir freuen uns sehr, bald wieder für unser Publikum spielen zu können! Am 12. September werden wir mit unserer Silvestival-Neuproduktion “Coup de Coeur” beim Spinnalto Festival in Kulmbach gastieren. Ein wild-romantischer Ariencocktail à la POC, eine einzigartige Verführung, sinnlich, betörend im Ohr zergehend wie ein Pralinentrüffel auf der Zunge. Die unverwechselbare Art of Opera, mit reinsten und schmackhaftesten Zutaten: 21% Offenbach, 11% Wagner, 14% Humperdinck, 12% Marschner, 23% Strauß, 10% Weber, 9% Puccini sowie eine Prise intergalaktischer Sternenstaub. Dazu empfehlen wir einen frisch kredenzten trockenen Roten oder ein Glas feinsten, zart perlenden Champagner.

Mit: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab (Sopran), Robert Eller (Bariton)
Orchester: Heymo Hirschmann (Sopransaxophon), Sandra Engel (Altsaxophon), Stefan Frank (Tenorsaxophon), Dominik Landmann (Baritonsaxophon)

Musikalische Bearbeitung und Leitung: Franz Killer
Regie: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart

Aufführungstermin: 12. September 2020, 17 Uhr
Spielort: fritz Einkaufzentrum, Kulmbach
Dauer: ca. 30 Minuten
Eintritt: frei


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #8: “Männerlist größer als Frauenlist” by Richard Wagner

After many months of multiple opera video streams from our history, the „POC Festival“ reaches its crowning climax on the upcoming weekend with a very special operatic rarity: Richard Wagner’s singspiel fragment „Männerlist größer als Frauenlist oder Die glückliche Bärenfamilie“ („Men are more cunning than women or The happy bear family“, 1837/38) which the POC completed and presented as a world premiere in 2013. Experience a Wagner like no other: Comical, light-hearted and entertaining in the best sense of the word! The story of goldsmith Julius Wander, whose motto above the workshop incites an offended lady to unleash a provocative game of revenge upon him and driving an eccentric baron to the brink of a nervous breakdown in the process, eventually sees its full-length debut on the operatic stage after almost 200 years. For Wagner fans but also for connaisseurs of operas who usually avoid the „Bayreuther Meister“…

Cast: Johann Winzer, Gertrud Demmler-Schwab, Jens Müller, Jakob Kreß, Robert Eller, Frank Strobelt, Klaus Meile, Constanze Wagner, Heike Kiefer, Christopher Kessner, Manuel Krauß

Choir: Simone Pinkert, Yvonne Thamm, Václava Ticha, Heike von Issendorff, Martina Kühnel, Ruslana Sheyer, Christian Horvat, Wladimir Landsmann, Josef Niklaus, Ingo Amberger, Götz Greiner

Orchestra: Susanne Block-Strohbach, Paul Meiler, Tobias Zillner, Dominik Landmann, Lisa Schuler, Stefan Frank, Heymo Hirschmann Georg Ongert, Corinna Zimprich, Axel Dinkelmeyer, Carl Mittelbach, Yannick Schmidt, Monina Schwarz, Samuel Selzam, Kilian Stengl

Musical Arrangement and Direction: Franz Killer
Director: Peter P. Pachl
Costumes and Stage Design: Evelyn Straulino
Dramaturg and Assistant Director: Florian Reichart
Technical Direction: Stelian Pop
Make-Up: Heidi Burckhardt
Props: Monika Schneider, Jule Schneider
Correpetition: Iris F. Henning

A co-production of the Pocket Opera Company and the Deparment for Cultural Affairs of the city of Nuremberg.

World Premiere: 27 June 2013

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Synopsis and essay about the production.


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #7: “Love Me Tender!”


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #6: “Der bekehrte Trunkenbold”

After a short Pentecost break we are continuing our “POC Festival” on YouTube with the online revival premiere of “Der bekehrte Trunkenbold” (“The Drunkard Reformed”) by Christoph Willibald Gluck. Don’t miss this fascinating operatic hike through the beautiful surroundings of Gluck’s birth place!

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab, Constanze Wagner, Josef Niklaus, Christopher Kessner, Robert Eller, Klaus Meile

Orchestra: Lisa Schuler, Veronika Hofer, Daniel Zacher

Musical adaptation and direction: Franz Killer
Directors: Franz Killer and Florian Reichart
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #5: “Dolls Toy”

After our online revival premiere of “Tannhäuser Projekt featuring Dakh Daughters” was another success  with close to 500 spectators, we are continuing our POC FESTIVAL on YouTube with the French-Franconian Opéra Comique “Dolls Toy – Die Nürnberger Puppe” after Adolphe Adam’s “La poupée de Nuremberg”, which we staged in 2016 at the popular clubbing venue “Der Cult”. The story of a Nuremberg toy maker who wants to bring a doll to real life for his son features lots of humor and entertainment, so tune in!

Cast: Jens O. Müller, Manuel Krauß, Anna Bürk, Christopher Kessner

Orchestra: Wolfgang Auer, Paul Meiler, Daniel Zacher,
Slawomir Mscisz, Christoph Käufl, Georg Ongert, Corinna Zimprich

Musical Direction and Arrangement: Franz Killer
Director: Beat Wyrsch
Costumes & Stage Design: Evelyn Straulino
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart;
Libretto Adaptation: Helmut Haberkamm
Director’s Assistant: Alexandra Köhler
Technical Directors: Stelian Pop, Max Mönch
Wardrobe & Props: Idris Sulimanov, Vera Biller


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #4: “Tannhäuser Projekt featuring Dakh Daughters”

We are moving on with our YouTube premiere series, this week-end we’ll be presenting our production of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhäuser” staged in Nuremberg’s St Peter’s church as a re-live-stream. Featuring the sensational Ukrainian freak cabaret band “Dakh Daughters”, a fascinating soundscape in juxtaposition with Wagner’s ecstatic composition gives a unique experience.

Cast: Markus Herzog, Gertrud Demmler-Schwab, Daniel Dropulja, Viola von der Burg, Dakh Daughters, Motettenchor Nürnberg, Henry Hirschmann

Orchestra: Wolfgang Auer, Gert Kaiser, Sandra Engel, Stefan Frank, Heymo Hirschmann, Paul Meiler, Tobias Zillner, Daniel Zacher, Slawomir Mscisz, Georg Ongert, Corinna Zimprich

Musical Arrangement and Direction: Franz Killer
Director: Yaron David Müller-Zach
Costume Designer: Annemarie Bulla
Dramaturg: Florian Reichart
Technical Directors: Stelian Pop, Max Mönch
Make-Up Designer: Sieglinde Feck
Director’s Assistant: Katharina Baudler
Production Assistant: Katharina Höllrich
Correpetition: Eunjin Jun
Props Team: Lea Knezevic, Michaela Tram


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #3: “Le Voyage Magique”

The decision for our next YouTube revival premiere has been made: It was a close call but after counting the votes from both the Facebook and Twitter poll, ‘Le Voyage Magique’ slightly bested “Tannhäuser Projekt featuring Dakh Daughters”. Next Saturday April 18th at 8:15pm the fusion of two works by Christoph Willibald Gluck (“La recontre imprevué” from 1764 and “L’arbre enchanté” from 1759) will be streamed in a complete recording of our 2018 open air  production in the beautiful Hans Kuffer park Berching, Gluck’s hometown. Prince Ali, his girl-friend Rezia and their mutual buddy Osmin are being held up and separated by bandits while travelling. When later they are able to reunite by chance in the palace of nutty gangster boss Monsieur Sultan and his wife Balkis, they are poised to use wit and cunning for their escape from the despot’s clutches.

Cast: Florian Neubauer – tenor (Prince Ali), Anna Oswald – soprano (Rezia), Berthold Schindler – tenor (Osmin), Johannes Budelmann – baritone (Calender), Gertrud Demmler-Schwab – soprano (Balkis), Robert Eller – baritone (Monsieur Sultan), Crap Movements Parkour, Ballett School of Berching under the direction of Julia Koderer and Katharina Schmidt

Orchestra of the Pocket Opera Company (Heymo Hirschmann, Sandra Engel, Stefan Frank, Dominik Landmann, Michel Watzinger, Daniel Kolbe, Slawomir Mscisz, Georg Ongert, Corinna Zimprich)

Musical adaptation and direction: Franz Killer
Directed by: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Costumes: Angelo Alberto
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart
Make-Up Design: Sunnhilde Birthelmer / Sieglinde Feck
Technical Directors: Stelian Pop, Max Mönch


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #2: “La Grotta di Calypso”

We’ve come up with something very special for you: In 2015 the POC staged Peter von Winter’s “La Grotta di Calypso” in a real public indoor swimming pool in Nuremberg. Due to scheduling challenges we were only able to run two shows of this production and many opera lovers didn’t get to see the spectacle. But now there’s a second chance for everyone: On Saturday April 4th at 8:15pm there will be an exclusive online revival premiere of “La Grotta di Calypso” on YouTube! And if you missed it: The video is still available after the premiere.


POC FESTIVAL on YouTube #1: “La púrpura de la rosa”

The corona virus has brought all public theater performances to an abrupt halt. Despite the fact that we are not yet affected by performance cancellations like other colleagues from the performing arts, we still would like to bring a little operatic sunshine into your homes: You can now find the complete video recording of our successful production of Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco’s “La púrpura de la rosa” from 2014, the first German production of the first opera created in the South America, on YouTube! Enjoy and stay safe!


We’ve moved: The POC now resides in Nuremberg’s Nibelungen quarter!

After over 10 years on Nuremberg’s Rollnerstraße we have moved our office to the beautiful Nibelungen quarter in the southern part of the city and we’re already feeling very much at home. You can now find us at Wodanstraße 73 (right across the Kriemhildes Backwut bakery), our phone number 0049 911 329047 remains the same just as our website and eMail address.


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“Wash House Galaxy”: OMG! Wagner’s “Flying Dutchman” in for another round at the laudromat 2020!

All comes to an end but not our laundromat “Dutchman”? Well, at least we can proudly announce that we will be going for another round in 2020 after all shows of “Wash House Infinity” in 2019 were once again sold out, it’s an incredible 9th year in a row for this veritable runaway hit production. It is now also the most often and longest played production in the history of the Pocket Opera Company! From the infinite Finiteness of the earth’s globe Wagner’s tormented skipper is reaching out to the vast space dimensions of the galaxy, daringly escaping black holes and interstellar vortexes: “WASH HOUSE GALAXY” is ready for take off! Get your tickets now!

Cast: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab, Robert Eller, Motettenchor Nürnberg
Orchestra: Heymo Hirschmann, Sandra Engel, Stefan Frank, Dominik Landmann (saxophone)

Musical Arrangement & Direction: Franz Killer
Directors: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart
Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart
Costume Designer: Kristopher Kempf
Technical Direction: Stelian Pop, Max Mönch

Show Dates:
November 26th 2020, 8pm
November 27th 2020, 8pm
November 28th 2020, 8pm
December 3rd 2020, 8pm
December 4th 2020, 8pm
December 5th 2020, 8pm

Venue: Laundromat “SB-Waschcenter Schnell & Sauber” Nuremberg, Schweppermannstraße 27 / corner of Pilotystraße, 90408 Nuremberg
Public transportation: Metro line U3, stop “Kaulbachplatz”
Estimated run-time: approx. 60 minutes
Tickets: 12 Euro / 10 Euro (reduced price)
Box office at the laundromat will be open from 7pm on show days.

Info and ticket reservation: 0911 / 329047, eMail: info@pocket-opera.de, WhatsApp message: (01575/7637018), Telegram message (01575/7637018) or Threema message ((3E2HY4KV).

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Meyer family, owners of the laundromat.


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